Renovations at Manual High School Are Set To Begin Next Month

At Christel House Indianapolis, we are excited about the prospect of expanding programs and opportunities for our students as we begin our transition to the Manual High School building at 2405 Madison Ave in August 2021. 

As we strive to remain on the forefront of academic innovation, the Manual High School building will undergo renovations focused on enhancing educational environments to positively impact students, faculty, and staff's performance. We have chosen Schmidt Associates as the Architecture and Engineering firm to oversee renovations, set to begin in January 2021. Click here to learn more about Schmidt Associates. 

The project includes the renovation of current high school classrooms into elementary classrooms, the conversion of the existing courtyard into a school playground, the expansion of piano rooms, and the addition of a drop-in daycare for our DORS adult high school students. Our plans also include added security within the general office area and strict adherence to the COVID safety compliance measures set forth by the Marion County Public Health Department for Indiana schools.

We want to assure you that although our address is changing, our commitment to students, staff, and community will not. We are dedicated to maintaining the small school feeling that makes us Christel House. We will continue to cultivate environments and partnerships that enrich the lives of those within our school community. 

See images in the side panel for a sneak peek at what a typical first-grade classroom will look like after renovations have been made. Please continue to visit our website and follow us on social media @christelhouseacademy for updated information. If you have any questions or would like to tour Manual, please reach out to Christina Summers-Wooley at


When will construction start? When will it be done?

Construction is slated to begin in January 2021. As of now, the date of completion has yet to be determined.

What will the building look like?

No major structural changes will be made that would disrupt the rich legacy of Manual High School. However, portions of the interior rooms and offices will be renovated to provide more opportunities to make Manual a school that truly serves the community. Classroom updates will also be made to help improve the academic success of our students.

How will the building operate during construction? 

Safeguarding students and learning environments during construction is a top priority. Therefore we plan to enact the following measures to prevent as much disruption as possible.

  • Separating construction from student learning areas; 
  • Visually and physically securing construction zones;
  • Sealing off work areas from non-construction workers;
  • Properly ventilating areas where construction materials are used and stored, and promptly cleaning up any spills;

About Christel House Indianapolis

An affiliate of Christel House International, Christel House Indianapolis (CHINDY) launched its first public charter school in 2002. CHINDY operates multiple charter schools in Indianapolis—Christel House Academy South, serving at-risk students in grades K-12; Christel House Academy West currently serving grades K-8, and an adult high school – Christel House DORS, with locations at South, West, and at Ivy Tech. As part of an Innovation school partnership with Indianapolis Public Schools, Christel House assumed operations at Manual High School on the southside of Indianapolis in July 2020. With the 2021-22 school year, Christel House Academy South and Christel House DORS South will relocate all classes and operations to the historic Manual campus.

CHINDY provides a holistic human development approach that focuses on building strong character to complement each student’s rigorous academic foundation. Through its College & Careers program, CHINDY continues to support its graduates through post-secondary education and job placement so they become self-sufficient, contributing members of society. Christel House Academy South was Indiana’s first charter school to receive the National Forum to Accelerate Middle-Grades Reform’s “School to Watch” designation. Additional recognition includes the Indiana Achievement and Breakthrough Schools Awards. It has also been named a 2018 National School of Character by For more information, please visit

Renovations at Manual High School Are Set To Begin Next Month

At Christel House Indianapolis, we are excited about the prospect of expanding programs and opportunities for our students as we begin our t...